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Magnificent Mobility marks a REVOLUTION in the way athletes of all levels prepare for competition, training, and rehabilitation, and IT WILL GET YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Whether you’re an athlete, sports coach, personal trainer, physician, ordinary weekend warrior, or just someone who wants to get healthy, stay healthy, and live life to its fullest, you’ll be amazed at how rapidly the drills outlined in Magnificent Mobility deliver INCREDIBLE RESULTS.

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Who Are We, and How Can We Help YOU?

We’re Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson, two accomplished powerlifters, widely published authors, and highly sought-after performance enhancement specialists. Over the years, we’ve both spent a great deal of time working with athletes of all levels – from youth sports to the professional scene. And, we’ve helped countless individuals achieve their general fitness and physique goals.

However, we’re not just your typical “strength coaches.” Truth be told, we’ve become best known for our ability to prevent and rehabilitate injuries by identifying movement dysfunctions and addressing them with corrective programming that re-educates the body on how to move efficiently. In that regard, you can call us “performance enhancement coaches,” “body mechanics,” or “movement specialists.” Regardless of what you call us, though, the results we’ve attained with our clients and athletes speak for themselves. And, we can say without hesitation that the drills outlined in Magnificent Mobility played crucial roles in attaining those results.

What Separates Magnificent Mobility from the Rest

Old-school methods of preparation, such as light cardio and static stretching, are things of the past. These inefficient and ineffective traditionalist approaches simply won’t prepare you for superior performance – and they might even increase your risk of injury!

In addition to serving as a great warm-up, the drills contained in this DVD will improve joint mobility — an important, yet often-overlooked quality necessary for optimal health and performance. In this information-packed DVD, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson give you all the tools necessary to teach your body to move more safely, efficiently, and powerfully. With over 30 exercises and the rationale for their use included, Magnificent Mobility is guaranteed to provide drills to get you healthy and take your performance to a whole new level!

Why Mobility and not just Flexibility?

We know what you’re probably thinking; “Can’t I just stretch?” It’s a very good question, because not many people understand the difference between mobility and flexibility – and it is a big one. Flexibility merely refers to range of motion – and, more specifically, passive range of motion as achieved by static stretching. Don’t get us wrong; static stretching has its place. It’s tremendously valuable in situations where you want to relax a chronically overactive muscle, help break down scar tissue, or – as a trainer or coach – give people that acute “loosened-up” feeling when you can’t be supervising them all the time.

However, the principle problem with pure flexibility is that it does not imply stability nor readiness for dynamic tasks. We need to have mobile-stability at all our joints; there’s really no use in being able to attain a given range of motion if you can’t stabilize yourself in that position. Excessive passive flexibility without mobility (or dynamic flexibility, as it’s been called) will actually increase the risk of injury! Amazingly, it’s not uncommon at all to see individuals with circus-like passive flexibility fail miserably on dynamic tasks.

In Magnificent Mobility, we go to great lengths to teach you how to not only attain various given ranges of motion, but also educate your body to be stable in those positions. We outline not only mobility drills, but also what we call “activation” movements. Essentially, these movements teach muscles that commonly “shut down” to fire at the right times to restore normal muscle balance, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury. These drills will make you stronger and faster both immediately (through the acute effects of a warm-up) and chronically (by improving active range of motion and reducing the risk of injury, therefore improving the quality of your training).

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails we’ve already received from athletes and ordinary weekend warriors claiming improved performance, enhanced feeling of well-being, and resolution of chronic injuries.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the product features about which buyers have raved:

  • Detailed Visual Demonstrations combined with Written and Audio cues
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Crisp, Clear Audio
  • Human Body Diagrams (to show which areas are worked)
  • Multiple Levels of Difficulty (offers variety for EVERYONE – regardless of experience)
  • Navigation Menu Allows Viewers to Easily Pick and Choose which Drills to View
  • Lists of Common Errors (so you know what to watch out for when performing the drills)
  • Scientific Rationale for the Recommendations: The “Why” instead of just the “What”
  • Unique Drills (even the world’s most experienced best performance coaches are picking up dozens of new tricks from this DVD)

All this for less than half of what you’d pay for a single personal training session in many parts of the country– and you’ll continue to receive benefits from the Magnificent Mobility drills for the rest of your life.

And, certainly, $49.99 is much less than you’d expect to pay for a visit to the doctor after letting your imbalances get out of hand. Why not save the money, avoid the pain, and purchase a product that will help to keep you healthy in the first place? Your body will thank you for years to come.



Yours in Health and Performance,
Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

P.S. – We’ve already received outstanding feedback on Magnificent Mobility from hundreds of people of all ages and training backgrounds. Act now and YOU will soon be training at all new levels just like them!

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