Dr. John Berardi, CSCS

As a consultant to a dozen Olympic, NCAA, and professional teams, I’m always on the lookout for resources that accomplish two goals:

1) Present new or often overlooked information that can make a real difference to optimal function and performance – for everyone from high level athletes to recreational exercisers.

2) Deliver this information in a clear way that’s immediately applicable, regardless of the user’s education level or experience.

In Magnificent Mobility, Eric Cressey and Mike

Alwyn Cosgrove Performance Enhancement Specialist www.AlwynCosgrove.com

“With Magnificent Mobility, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson have introduced a fantastic product that addresses a pressing need in the strength and conditioning community. Insufficient mobility is a huge problem I encounter with athletes in several sports at all levels. A lack of mobility will not only limit performance and make training sessions less productive, but it will also dramatically increase one’s risk of injury. If you want to train and compete at high levels and stay healthy, Magnificent Mobility needs to be in your library.”

Joe DeFranco, Founder DeFranco's Training Systems, LLC DeFranco's Sports Nutrition, LLC www.DeFrancosTraining.com

Magnificent Mobility just may be the most practical DVD available at the present time. I say this because EVERYONE can benefit from the information that it contains. I have all of my athletes perform many of the drills outlined in this video before they workut so they’re properly warmed up – yet it can also act as an entire workout for the “Average Joe” who sits behind a computer all day and is suffering from low-back & shoulder pain. The possibilities are endless with this DVD. I even learned a couple of new exercises that I perform every morning and they help me get out of some back pain. Bottom line…Get this DVD! It’s worth every penny!

Zach Even-Esh Performance Coach for Combat Athletes www.UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

“I NEEDED this video personally as well as for my athletes. After almost 20 years of hard lifting, wrestling, and grappling, my body is not always feeling its best. Watching Mike and Eric perform the movements with full ROM was an eye-opener and showed me how it looks when someone spends regular time on these mobility exercises. I train predominantly combat athletes who have amassed numerous strength and flexibility imbalances, and these problems obviously limit their true potential.

The anatomy models and the review of each movement are top notch, as is the thorough voice-over explanations. This info is easy to implement – especially since the “dos and don’ts” of each movement are discussed.

Bottom line: I can immediately use this info easily with myself and my athletes. This DVD is key for any coach or athlete because inevitably we get injured. If you want to reduce your likelihood of injuries, then regular mobility training is imperative. Why am I so easily sold here? After two knee surgeries, a shoulder tear, and a body that is tighter than all heck, I NEED this to keep me healthy!”

Sean Skahan, M.Ed., C.S.C.S. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

“Eric and Mike’s Robertson’s Magnificent Mobility DVD is an excellent resource for strength coaches and personal trainers alike. Unlike other DVDs on the market that just demonstrate exercises, Magnificent Mobility addresses specifically how and why they are done. When you only have ten minutes to warm up a client or a team, these are the best “bang for the buck” exercises. Performing the exercises in the DVD will help your client/athlete correct muscle imbalances and improve posture and performance.

Brijesh Patel Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning, College of the Holy Cross Co-Founder of S B Coaches College www.sbcoachescollege.com

“If you’ve read Eric and Mike’s stuff, you know that these are two coaches who know what they are talking about and consistently put out quality information. The Magnificent Mobility DVD falls right in line with their articles.

The DVD’s best feature is the high production quality and the different angles of the exercises shown. The video and the audio are great, and the exercises easy to see and learn. The coaching cues and highlighted body areas are very beneficial to those interested in knowing the ‘why’ of the various exercises. The DVD is easy to navigate and is broken down into three levels of exercises, which is ideal for beginners to advanced athletes. Everybody can and will learn something from this DVD; it should be in included in every coach’s library.

“First of all, I will say that I am a very tough critic – be it videos, training modalities, supplements, or anything else in this industry. Having said that, this DVD is one of the absolute best in the genre of health/fitness/weight training. I will be showing it and recommending it to all of the members of Tampa Barbell. Cressey and Robertson have hit a Grand Slam with the quality, presentation, and information contained in the DVD. It is a ‘MUST-OWN’ for anybody who trains with weights.”

Eric Talmant
Elite Powerlifter – Tampa Barbell

Jason Ferruggia Performance Enhancement Specialist www.J1Strength.com

“When I popped in the Magnificent Mobility DVD for the first time, I had just finished training and my nagging lower back was acting up again. I decided that instead of just sitting on the couch and watching the DVD, I was going to get on the floor and follow along with Mike and Eric and go through every single drill they demonstrated. When you train and coach athletes all day long, sometimes it’s a refreshing change to have someone else telling you what to do for once. I did just that, and by the end of the DVD my back felt much better and I had picked up quite a few new mobility drills I had never used or seen before. Mike and Eric did a great job with this DVD and deserve to be commended. If you are a coach, trainer or athlete it would be in your best interest to order your copy of Magnificent Mobility today.

“Like most powerlifters, I had been going through a spell of injuries, including a torn triceps tendon, a bulging disk in my back, and repeated hamstring problems. I wanted to keep powerlifting, but I realized I needed to make some changes in order to reach my goals. I knew I needed to start focusing more on mobility work, but I just didn’t know how, as there just aren’t any resources out there on mobility for powerlifters – until now. I found the Magnificent Mobility DVD online and realized that Eric and Mike had the exercises and knowledge to help me out. This video has really made a difference in my daily workouts; I am now able to lift more efficiently and safely, and I have seen a huge rise in my squat and deadlift as a result. The drills in this DVD will not only warm you up for training, but they’ll also correct a lot of imbalances. Magnificent Mobility is a must-have for all powerlifters.”

Bob Youngs
Elite Powerlifter – Southside Barbell Club
Lake Worth, Florida

I searched for a long time for movements that my athletes and I could use effectively, and I finally found a winner with Magnificent Mobility. As a powerlifter, the movements have helped me function on a daily basis and have lessened my back stiffness considerably. I also love these drills for my high school athletes because it allows them to perform a warm-up in a small space with very little equipment. And, with the sedentary lifestyle most people live today, these movements are crucial to the development of the total athlete.”

Jay Floyd, M.Ed.
Elite Powerlifter – Strength and Conditioning and Offensive Line Coach, Alexander High School
Douglasville, Georgia

“I have the DVD and it is truly amazing how well suited it is to a golfer like me. I did my first session yesterday and it went really well; I found this combination of drills far better than what I had been doing; I cant believe the difference in how I feel in such a short time and how much more energy I seem to have all of a sudden. It’s already improving my practice and performance; I can’t thank you enough.”

David Hills
Great Britain

“I had some previous lower back issues that would seem to flare up after heavy deadlifts. My hips have always been very tight and my flexibility is poor – even after working very hard to try to improve it. My warm-up prior to Magnificent Mobility was static stretching and/or jumping right in to the lifts.

I’ve been doing the Magnificent Mobility drills before every workout for over a month now, and I’ve never felt better or more prepared during and after lifting. I’ve set personal bests deadlifts and squats and haven’t any back issues. I was totally missing the boat on preparing my body for lifting heavy. I used to attribute my back problems to “my old football injury,” but I can see now that it was due to the fact I wasn’t preparing my body correctly. Thanks a lot guys; this is the best piece of training equipment I own.”

Chuck Stern
Maple Grove, Minnesota

“Eric and Mike did a superb job with this DVD. The information and the production is absolutely first rate. One can obviously see that a lot of time and effort went into this project. I would highly recommend this DVD to any coach and athlete/trainee that currently uses or wishes to use dynamic flexibility; there is much to learn regardless of your experience level with dynamic flexibility work. Most of my personal learning of dynamic flexibility movements has come from pictures and descriptions, so it was very helpful to see them in action. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video with tons of performance/coaching cues is worth a million words. Also, another nice thing about the DVD is that the exercises are presented as a menu so that viewers can create their own routines based on their own needs. ”

Craig Rasmussen
Personal Trainer – Indianapolis, Indiana

“Whether you’re a strength coach, personal trainer, or everyday ‘weekend warrior,’ you will benefit from utilizing this great resource and implementing it into your clients’ training or your own training. Eric and Mike back up their rationale with sound, up-to-date, practical, and scientifically proven information in a format that is easy to follow and comprehend. The sound quality is superb and the picture quality is first-rate. Eric and Mike have really come up with an outstanding product in Magnificent Mobility; this DVD would be an invaluable addition to your training library.

Tony Gentilcore
Personal Trainer – Ridgefield, Connecticut

“Mike and Eric have produced a professional, high-quality product. Magnificent Mobility is packed full of dynamic mobility drills that if performed regularly, should help to improve your performance and reduce injury risk.

The drills are very comprehensive in nature and really work on the low back/hip and lower extremity kinetic chain. A lot of injuries and poor performance on compound lifts are due to the athlete’s inability to attain or maintain proper technique. This is often caused by poor mobility in the hips or lower extremity kinetic chain. If performed consistently, the Magnificent Mobility drills will eliminate those issues.

I think the Magnificent Mobility DVD is an excellent resource to add to your library. Whether you are a coach, personal trainer, lifter or other athlete, you can benefit from the information and drills on the DVD.”

Ryan Smith, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician – Columbus, Ohio
Sports Injury, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation Specialist

“I am very impressed with the Magnificent Mobility DVD. The explanations are very clear and easy-to-follow for beginners and advanced athletes alike. My patients and I have both seen great benefits from using the drills in this DVD. I’ve been troubled with hip and lower back issues for years, and the drills outlined in the DVD have greatly reduced my symptoms. Thanks, guys, for a great product; I always recommend this Magnificent Mobility to my patients and to the lifters on the EliteFTS.com Q&A forum.”

Thomas Deebel, D.C.
Chiropractor, Level 3 ART Practitioner
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania